W001 "Head for the Hills"
Judge's Comments: There is so much movement in this simple but nicely painted scene. The road draws us into a “road trip”, camping trip, hillside home or simply an escape to a mountain refuge. The composition evokes a sense of looking forward and the color harmony, a sense of peace.

W002 "Inside Out"

W003 "Guatamalan Abuela"
Judge's Comments:  Because of the skill and “heart” of the painter, we, the viewers, can read a variety of thoughts and feelings in this enigmatic portrait of “Guatemala Abuela”.

W004 "Pods a Plenty"
Judge's Coments:  To me “Pods a Plenty” is a celebration of paint and painterly techniques that allow the viewer to see the watercolor itself as every bit as important as the subject matter. Achieving this balance between representational and abstract is a feat I admire and applaud.

W005 "Flower Garden, Waterfall and Church"