O 001 "Ripley Creek"

O 002 "Maya"
Judge's Comments: This portrait of Maya has heart - pure and simple. We can feel the love and soul of this precious pet.

O 003 "San Xavier del bac"

O 004 "Diego"
Judge's Comments: I can actually hear the movement of these horses down the path. The unusual viewpoint of this scene strikes me as interesting, exciting - and challenging! I enjoy the accuracy of the subject painted with loose, expressive brushwork.

O 005 "Hat with Flowers and Feathers"
Judges Comments: It’s always a pleasure to see an oil painting so well-painted. I did not give the award based in any way on the title – nevertheless, the title adds an additional level of humor and delight to this iconic Arizona subject!

O 006 "Prickly Pear"
Judge's Comments: The painterly brush- and knife-work and beautiful use of color produce a painting I would call “juicy” – one of my personal highest compliments.

O 007 "Western Light

O 008 "Tuki"

O 09 "Riley"

O 010 "Last Light"

O 011 "Petunias in Sunlight"

O 012 "Everyone Needs A Rock #2"