OTH 001 "Twisted Sister"
Judge's Comments: The craftsmanship that went into "Twisted Sister" is apparent. This artist is particularly good at creating glowing color that has visual texture and depth.

OTH 002 "Mountain Lion on Rock" 

OTH 003 "Beach, Seashells and Waves" 
Judge's Comments:  This seashell collage in poured resin is so “beachy” I can practically smell the salt air! The pleasing design celebrates the natural world of the ocean.

OTH 004 "Cityscapes-Downtown"
Judge's Comments:  The process that went into creating and designing “Cityscapes-Downtown” is complicated and inventive. The artist took the process beyond the technical to produce a work that is artistically beautiful.

OTH 005 "Abundance"
Judge's Comments:  The gourd leaf cutout appliques have beautiful color, visual texture and sheen that adds both virtual and actual depth to the gourd “pot” design.

OTH 006 "Bobcat on Rock"

OTH 007 "Phlower Lunch"

OTH 008 "Peek-a-Boo"