Artist of the Month

May 2021

1st Place - Barbara Drake

"Dancing Couple - in the Style of Renoir"
was part of  a fantasy she had of emulating the look in some of Renoir's paintings.


2nd Place - Mary and Grace

An acrylic painting titled: “When Four Peaks turn Pink, it’s Time to DRINK “. 



April 2021

Lloyd Tarr won the Blue Ribbon for "Golden Glow".  It is a
photo of a Trichopsis Yellow California Cactus in his yard.
He then blended the cactus picture with a background of simiilar
and complementary colors

January 2020

First Place: Pat Kenney wins the blue
ribbon with her Oil painting, "Ready to Rock"

February 2019


1st Place: Lloyd Tarr's "Lily Pond Blush" is a digital photo that he took of a lily in their pond. He  then used a software program  to modify the photo to give it painted look.

2nd Place:  Bruce Boyce’s  “Motion and Color at the Arizona State Fair.” He has used multiple in camera exposure combined with intentional camera motion.

January 2019


1st Place: Carol McCarty wins with her acrylic painting of a Hawaiian turtle she calls “Rush”.

2nd Place: Mike Isenberg shows his multi-exposure photograph  entitled “Times Square #3".

May 2017

  Beth Warren

April 2017

Lloyd Tarr

February 2017

Kay Meyer

 January 2017

Christine Ehmann

November 2016

Barbara Drake

2016 Summer Project Winner (October)

Sheryl Menton

May 2016 It's A Tie!

Bruce Boyce  “ 4 Peaks Sunrise”      Rudolf Volkmann “Emerging Babies”

April 2016

Dick Cardinal "Priscella"

February 2016

Joan Campbell  “Steps to Nowhere.”

January 2016

Claudia Smith "Runoff"

May 2015

Lloyd Tarr

April 2015

Joan Rand

March 2015

Cecilia Balcomb

February 2015

Gwen Jones
Work titled "Leaf Bouquet"
Fiber art using mock trapunto technique

December 2014

Michael Isenberg

November 2014

Judith Rothstien Putzer

May 2014

Carol Ofsthun

April 2014

Barb Drake

March 2014

Arlon Sieve
"Desert Sunset"
Digital Photo printed on aluminum

February 2014

Angel Burch-Elquest

November 2013

Michael Roberts

May 2013

Dick Cardinal

April 2013

Bonnie Schweihs

March 2013

Arlon Sieve

February 2013

Pat Kenny

January 2013

Barbara Drake

November 2012

Claudia Smith

September 2012

Joanne Chaplin-Shuman

May 2012

Angel Elquest - Acrylic

April 2012

Bonnie Schweihs

March 2012

Sam Lazarus

February 2012
  Barb Oehl           (tie)        Carol Ofsthun

January 2012

Pat Kenny - Oil

November 2011

Barbara Oehl
Turquise Necklace

September 2011

Pat Kenney - Oil

May 2011

Joan Campbell - Watercolor
"Fancy Ladies, Circa 1860"

April 2011

Lori Coue - Watercolor

March 2011

Frank Keenan - Acrylic

February 2011

Mike Muldoon - Oil

January 2011

Mike Roberts - Watercolor

November 2010

Russ Larson - Oil

September 2010

Angel Elquest

May 2010

Bonnie Schweihs & Deborah Sedlmayer

April 2010

Michael Roberts

March 2010

Lori Coue

February 2010

Diana Nyren

January 2010

Patricia Kenney

November 2009

Joan Campbell

September 2009

Pat Lain

May 2009

Barbara Drake

April 2009

Debra Melendez

March 2009

Angel Burch-Elquest

February  2009

Lori Coue

January 2009

 Mike Muldoon