Fountain Hills Art League Member Art Trade

After Bob Coonts shared his collaborative work with the Art League there seemed to be interest from members to participate in a similar endeavor. This collaboration is voluntary. Any member may participate. The final products from this Art Trade will be displayed at the All Member Show in February. This is more of a trade than a collaboration because you will work independently from one another. However, each artist will have their part of their work present in each piece completed.

1.    During the summer you will need to create a piece of art. This can be any medium, size, etc but please make it something easy to trade.

2.    Please take a photo of your completed work before trading it so we can display a photo of the originals at the All Member Show.

3.    The art piece you create will be given to another artist at the November meeting. You will receive their art piece at that same time.

4.    ***Please keep in mind, you will not have control over what is done to the art you trade. Therefore, if you do not want your original changed you can make a print of your work and trade the print at the meeting instead of the original. This is up to each artist.

5.    Once you receive another member’s artwork you will have until the All Member Show to put your own artistic touch on it. The All Member show is set for February.

6.    During the All Members show we will display a photo of the originals from both artists and the two collaborative works each artist completed.

7.    Email to inform her of your partner or to request a partner. In your email please include your name, medium and medium you feel comfortable receiving for the trade. Charlene will work with the AL Board to match up everyone to the best of her ability. This is meant to be fun so don’t stress.


1.    Make a piece of art to trade.

2.    Take a quality Photograph your work before the trade to be displayed at the All Members Show.

3.    If you do not want your original changed you may trade a print of your work. This is up to each artist. Please understand you lose all control of your work once traded.

4.    Trade with another member. This is a two person trade. You will receive their art and they will receive yours.

5.    Put your artistic touch on the artwork you received from the trade.

6.    You cannot remove all aspects of the other artist. For example, if you receive a painting you cannot cover the entire painting and make it a new painting. Some aspects of the other artist must remain intact. There must be evidence of the original piece you received.

7.    Get your pieces ready for hanging per the Art League Rules.


1.    How will it be decided who trades with whom?

a.    If you have a partner in mind that you would like to collaborate with please discuss it with that person. If both parties agree, both parties need to email Charlene Beil to let her know. Her email is  She will make sure you are paired together.

2.    What if I don’t know anyone or have a partner?

a.    Email Charlene Beil if you would like to participate but don’t have a partner in mind. She will make a list of all interested parties and pair them up as best as possible. Please include in your email your medium and what medium(s) you are comfortable in receiving from fellow artists.

3.    How can you collaborate with different mediums?

a.    The idea behind this collaboration is to get us to think outside of our comfort zones. The only limits are your imagination.  This is why it is important to understand that you will not receive your artwork back in the same condition. The person who receives your work will be able to do what they want to it. For example, if I made a tile art painting someone could smash it and turn it into a mosaic sculpture.

4.    I don’t understand how we could collaborate across mediums?

Example Ideas:

a.     If you are a photographer and you receive a painting you can take a digital photo of the painting, manipulate it, and make it your own.

b.    If you are a painter and receive a photo you could tear it up, rearrange it, make it into a collage painting or paint over it. It is up to you.

c.    If you are a sculpture artists you could make a smaller piece for trading. Someone could use this as an add-on to a painting, take pictures of it in a different setting and manipulate it digitally, and or add it to another sculpture.  Fabric artists could use it to accentuate a purse. The ideas are endless.

d.    If you are a fabric artist you could make a small piece on fabric. You could trade it with another fabric artists or give it to someone else. Painters could paint on top of it, others could make it into a purse, change it into a fabric sculpture, or add on to it.

e.    Jewelry makers could trade as well. Jewelry pieces can be added to sculptures, mixed into collage paintings, made into accents for bookmarks, purses, etc.

5.    What kind of art should I make for this collaboration?

a.    You can make anything you want but I would recommend thinking about what can be done to it. Try to make something that is not so large that it would be difficult for others to work with. Try to think about what you would want to receive from others to guide you in what to make for this collaboration.

6.    Who gets to keep the collaboration pieces?

a.    This is up to the artists that are paired together. They can discuss it beforehand who will keep which piece. The art league will not be involved in this aspect. As some might want to keep the piece they worked on last while others will want to keep the piece they made for the initial trade. Discuss it with your partner so everyone is clear beforehand.

7.    What if I have more questions or need ideas on what to do with the piece I receive from the trade?

a.    If you are local and staying in AZ for the summer feel free to come to Fountain View Village Wednesday at 10 am to meet up with other members and discuss ideas. If you are not in AZ for the summer feel free to discuss it with other art friend. If you have questions specific to this trade you can Email and she will do her best to answer your questions.