Barbara Drake

My kindergarten painting won best of class.  This first exposure to the arts opened the door to a lifelong world of fun and creativity.

This is my 5th year of participating in the FH Artists Studio Tour, returning,as guest artist, to Red Rock Studio on Ironwood Blvd.  My work has been exhibited at galleries in Ohio and Arizona.  Currently three face collages can be seen at the Emerson Gallery which is also on this tour.

I paint primarily in oil and acrylic, occasionally in watercolor and mixed media collage, working in a series of three to five varying interpretations of a subject.

I'm interpreting reality thru my imagination and acquired skills. My art is a means of communicating this personal vision to others; an attempt to put what's in my heart and mind on canvas in hopes that it will speak also to the heart of you the viewer and bring a smile to your face and happiness to your day.

             "Balloons Over Redrock"  Selected for Fountain Hills telephone Directory  and banners for Avenue of Fountains
             "Faces of Cancer".             Purchase award AZ Institute for Breast health
              "Cranium Geraniums"      FHAL Summer project 2014
              "Scrapper"                          FHAL Artist of the Year 2014
              "Dream Girl"                       FHCCA   Annual Juried Show  2015.   Honorable Mention
              "Sunflowers"                       FHCCA   Annual Juried Show 2010.    2nd Place.         
              "Saddlebag La.                    FHCCA   Annual Juried Show 2005.    1st Place.