Christine Ehmann



Christine’s creativity started to show as a young child growing up in Scottsdale, her favorite pastime was her “Paint-by-Numbers” art sets. She later started designing her doll’s clothes and then entered these designs in a contest on the Wallace and Ladmo Television Show. In high school she began to design women’s clothing and entering contests and winning awards for her work. She also designed a wedding dress for a Fashion Art Illustrations Class, which resulted in having the design shared on a local Arizona TV show.

Christine moved to the Sonoma Wine Country in California with her husband where they attended the Georgia O’Keefe Art Exhibit in San Francisco where her love for art started. As a new artist she took a bold step and entered the Sonoma County Juried Art Show; winning first place for her “Sunflowers”. Christine has also worked as a professional floral designer furthering her love for flowers and things botanical.

Christine and her husband recently spent 6 months in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico; where their focus was to work with the local churches and pastors to equip them to become self-sustaining and provide hot meals, and training to the Mexican children of the Colonials. While in Mexico Christine was able to explore the Botanical Gardens and photograph the native flowers of the state of Jalisco. She also had the privilege of studying under the supervision of Meg Munro, AWA; an award winning watercolor artist. Many of her works are influenced by the she time spent in this tropical paradise.

Christine has returned to her childhood home and lives in Fountain Hills with her husband who is her great supporter and encourager. Today Christine’s watercolors are bold and vivid in colors and she prefers “Traditional Art Disciplines”. She starts her painting using a Grisaille underpainting. Her recent works are influenced by the flowering cacti of Fountain Hills, things of the Southwest and of course flowers.


                Sonoma County, 2003 – First Place
                Fountain Hills Art League - Artist of the Month - January 2017
                Fountain Hills Art League Juried Show 2018 - "First Place Award" - Watercolors
                Fountain Hills Art League  -  1st Place Artist of the Month - March 2018
                Fountain Hills Art League  -  1st Place Artist of the Month - May 2019

Fountain Hills Art League - 1st Place Artist of the Month - May 2019

Fountain Hills Art League - 1st Place Artist of the Month - May 2019

                Emerson Art Gallery, Fountain Hills, AZ
                Fountain View Village Gallery, Fountain Hills,AZ

Desert In Bloom

"Ripe for Pickin Roja Tunas"

"Roja Tunas I"

"Roja Tunas II"

"Crowning Glory Saguaro" - Sold

"Crowning Glory Saguaro II"

"Argentine Giant"
"First Place Ribbon 2018"

"Strawberry Hedgehog" - SOLD

"Blooming Duo Prickly Pear"

"Morning Blossoms Prickly Pear"

"Blooming Cactus" - SOLD

"Brillance in the Morning Prickly Pear"

"Torch Blossoms "  -  Argentine Giant

The Flower Shoppe

"Magnolia I"

"Magnolia II" 

"Stargazer Lilly"

"Dark Night Rose" SOLD

"Into the Night"  SOLD

"Stiking a Pose"

"Poinsettia Trio"  SOLD

"White Poinsettia"

"Award Winning Sunflowers"  - sold

"Fire Dancers" 1st Place - Artist of the Month SOLD

"Garden Rose"

"Peony" - sold



"White Magnolia

"Awakening" - Lilly

Puerto Vallarta Mexico

"Splendor in the Pond"

"Red Parrot"

"Galena Blossom" SOLD

"Birds of Paradise"

"Lily Pond"

"Estelle – Lleno de vida"



WWild West
Wild West

"Pow Wow"

"Pow Wow Regalia"  Artist of the Month Winner

"Waiting to Dance"

"Colorado Aspen"

"Autumn Leaves"