Jan Friel

I have always liked to create my own designs. I learned to sew as a very young child, and was absolutely fascinated with it. At age 16 I won second prize in the woman’s division of my home county for a dress I designed.  I experimented frequently with the use of several patterns put together to create my clothing designs. I never wanted to follow the picture on the pattern envelope. Later on I learned stenciling and decided to change the look of my kitchen by using several patterns to give the walls a new look. The results were unusual and very striking. 

Soon I discovered pastels and had fun using them. I was starting to experiment with abstract art and the movement and creativity that it offered. I was enthralled by a feeling of freedom and personal satisfaction doing my own work. More recently I discovered painting with acrylics and coming up with unique designs.

Just as in the past when I did not want to follow a pattern in sewing I have found a way to have fun and be creative developing my own styles. Painting brings me a lot of joy and relaxation. I really enjoy staying “outside the lines” designing and creating my own originals.