Michael Gallagher 

Although I was born in Minot, North Dakota, I moved to Michigan as a small child where I spent my formative years and attended college. I received an Associate's Degree in Technical Illustration in 1988. After a busy year of studying art and architecture, I enrolled at Kendall College of Art and Design where I received my Bachelor's Degree in Fine Arts in 1993. To celebrate my college graduation, I went on a trip to Arizona. After falling in love with the desert beauty and the warm temperatures, I returned home, sold my few belongings and moved to Scottsdale, Arizona. I currently reside in Fountain Hills, Arizona.

I have done exhibits at the Kerr Cultural Center in Scottsdale and the Phoenix and Scottsdale Mayo Clinic locations. I have also participated in art shows in Prescott and Fountain Hills. I currently have prints and paintings on display at Gridley's in Fountain Hills. My paintings and drawings have been purchased by patrons across the United States. The purchase of my painting "Saguaro Bloom" by the city of Fountain Hills is on permanent display at the Community Center.

I paint primarily in oil, however, I also do detailed renderings in graphite of children, pets and cars. I start by drafting the primary shapes in the beauty I see in everything around me. I look at the positive and negative space in whatever I might create to bring images to life in the hopes that I might touch the viewer and evoke thought, emotion or a memory