Mary Ann Grace

A native of Omaha, Nebraska, Mary Ann Grace’s talent as an artist has grown through the years. From her first drawings as a child, landscapes have always been of particular interest to her. Two years formal education at U.N.O. at Omaha, studying art history and techniques. Plus workshops and lessons forever with well known and established artists. Even though she feels fortunate to have had good teachers in basics, Mary Ann feels painting is unending learning!

Having experimented with all painting media and styles, she is diversified. Her love of color and varied techniques express a sensitivity for nature (or wildlife) and hopes to give the viewer the feeling of actually “being there”.

Her works have been displayed and sold at galleries, exhibits, museums and art shows over the past 50 years, with numerous awards and acknowledgements. Each painting is a labor of love characterized by careful draftsmanship.

Latest challenge was commissioned works on large stretched canvas for innovated effects. This type pleases Mary Ann since it eliminates the need of a frame. She would rather be a painter than a framer!

Marry Ann Grace
15744 E. Thistle
Fountain Hills, AZ 85268

"Vibrant Array"
12 x 12 Framed ink on tile
Can hang or stand      $55

" Prickly Pear"
18 x 24 Stretched Canvas, Acrylic
10 x 15 painting - Crackled Border $250

"Cactus Wren"
8 x 24 Stretched Canvas, Acrylic
10 x 15 painting - Crackled Border $250

"Flit, Flick, Flutter & Flight"
18 x 24 Stretched Canvas $295

"AZ Sunset"
20 x 24   Acrylic $400

"Orange Blooms"
Free Standing Stretched Canvas
Mixed Media $95

"Peaks Alive"
36 x 48 Mixed Media Stretched Canvas
Museum Grade  $1500

" Sonoran Desert View"
12 x 12 Stretched Canvas

"Quail on Guard"
8 x 16   Free Standing Canvas
Mixed Media $135

"Red Glorious Poppies"
Ink on two tiles, framed
and mounted $170

" Cheerful"
Framed 6 x 6 tile,  Alcohol Inks