Judith Rothenstein-Putzer

A Photographer’s Eye With An Artist’s Vision

Judith Rothenstein-Putzer has been putting a new spin on her love of photography by creating Alcohol Transfers with Pen and Ink.  The mixed media technique she uses is a hybrid between printmaking and photography.  The process involves printing an original photograph onto a transparency which is then transferred on to printmaking paper soaked in an alcohol-based solution.  Depending upon the concentration of alcohol and the type of printmaking paper, the results vary from the softness of watercolor to the boldness of acrylics.  When the transfer is completed, Rothenstein-Putzer enhances the negative space with pen and ink thereby creating dynamic linear and color effects in the artworks.  “Sometimes I take pleasure in capturing the moment for its form or color.  Other times, I try to expand the boundaries of reality.” 

The artist and her husband have been avid travelers for many years, which to the artist is synonymous with photography (She’s been known to pack more camera equipment than clothes)!  Covid-19 has definitely put her wanderlust on the back burner.  With an arsenal of photos from previous trips and nothing but time on her hands, she has spent the past 18 months going through thousands of images looking for inspiration for new work.

Rothenstein-Putzer’s subject matter tends to be very eclectic.  She remarks that some of her photos are the typical tourist shots, while others tend toward social commentary.  Sometimes she just looks at objects in everyday life with regard to color, form and space. Those are the ones that are generally the basis for her art.  Many tours have included a stroll through the vibrant local markets to get a feel for daily living and a taste for the exotic meats, produce and flora. Rothenstein-Putzer has taken these images and created an open series of “small works” called “Central Market”. Still life’s or abstracts, each work makes us stop and look at the color, design and beauty one sees in day-to-day life.
In addition to the new “Central market” series, the artist has also added to her  popular “Cityscapes” series with some larger multi-layered mixed media works for this year.

An award-winning artist, Rothenstein-Putzer has been participating in the “Tour d’Artistes” for 10 years since its inception.  She will be returning to the “By George Originals Studio”, 15225 E. Mustang Drive, Fountain Hills, AZ.

For additional information: www.ArtworksByJudith.com; 480.836.0952


                "Central Market-Asssorted Flowers"

                               "Central Market-Bananas"

                       "Central Market-Carpets"

                       "Central Market-Dragon Fruit"

"Cemtral Market-Herbs and Spices"

"Citiscapes-Midtown at Dusk"


                       "Citiscapes-Reflecting on the Day"

"Citiscapes-Uptown Twilight"

"Citiscapes-Urban Reflections"


                       "Desert Spirit Bloom"

"Monday Morning"