The works of Pamela Shearer are infused with affirmations that can be felt when seeing her work. Thoughtful meditation of ideals, such as “healing,” “joy,” “beauty,” “light”, “love” and “courage,” have been consciously put into each piece. This guides her intentions and the paintings to just the person who needs them. She often finds out later why a collector was drawn to her piece. Her work is displayed in homes, galleries and offices all around the country and western hemisphere.

Pamela’s love of color and the patterns infused, welcome eyes of appreciation, resulting in scores of awards. When she paints she allows the free flow of color and pattern to surprise with its beautiful effects and then defines detail to accentuate her subject.

Her paintings are bright but gentle and joyful, her use of brilliant and intense color, bringing smiles to people. She loves to see someone notice the detail and step closer to look carefully at the tiny strokes and color changes. Often her collectors return to acquire additional pieces of her work because they have been drawn into the detail over time.

Pamela holds Bachelor of Arts Degrees in Fine Art and Education. When home raising her family, she also graduated from the Famous Artist School, one of her instructors being Norman Rockwell. 

She is retired after teaching and corporate careers of thirty years and has become a successful watercolorist and oil painter. She prefers old fashioned linseed oil and turpentine to the more modern products because the smell of oil and turpentine takes her back in history. “At that time I feel like I have always been a painter,” she said.

Pamela is a member of the Fountain Hills Art League, the Scottsdale Artists’ League and has been juried into the Arizona Art Alliance. Her work has been displayed for years in Sedona, Scottsdale and throughout the Valley of the Sun.

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"A Piceans Treasure"

"Turn Toward the Sun"

"Butterflies - Autumn Collage"

"Butterflies -  Gulf Frittilary"

"Christmas in the Desert"

"DBG Spring Buzz"

"Four Corners"

"Garden Shed"


"Hummingbirds - Blue Chitter"

"Hummiingbirds -  Morning Sun"

"Pamela's Trigger Fish"

"San Diego's Magnolia"

"Annette's Windmill"


"poppies of Light"

"Morning Song"

"Desert Morning"