Dawn Porter

Dawn is originally from West Linn, Oregon and is a fused or “warm” glass artist.

After visiting Fountain Hills, first on vacation and then as a snow bird, my husband and I built a new home in FH. We do still spend some time in the Northwest to visit our grandchildren.

She received Art Scholarships in Elementary School and College, were she studies Chinese Watercolor and Calligraphy..

More than 15 years ago Dawn Became Intrigued with the warm glass process and began working in this beautiful medium. Her art appears in invitational shows and gallery exhibits in Arizona, Oregon, and Washington.  She has found warm glass to be the perfect way to use her imagination and creativity to combine color and texture into distinctive warm glass art. Her sculptures often utilizes Frit which is a variety of glass chips. Each piece is unmistakably unique and as a result wonderful.

 The medium used in Dawn’s artwork is referred to by several names, such as fused glass, kiln formed glass, and warm glass. This process involves firing a mosaic of compatible glass in a kiln up to 1500 degrees until it fuses together. The reason the term “warm glass” has been widely adopted is because casting and blowing, takes place between 1700 and 2300 degrees. Compared to kiln work such as sagging or fusing which takes place anywhere between 1200 and 1700 degrees Fahrenheit. Thus it has taken the secondary place of being only “warm”. Many unexpected and wonderful things can happen in each firing that make each piece unique.