Kim Roewert

I am a juried acrylic fluid artist. My enjoyment with fluid art is the way it stretches my imagination and creativity. Art has become a way for me to relax, to destress and just enjoy freedom in painting. I love how fluid art goes beyond the edges of the canvas. Our world can sometimes cause us to look at life, at people, at relationships narrowly, & keep us from stepping out of ourselves and into the lives of others.

When I look & ponder at the art pieces, I look "beyond" the composition & begin seeing our world & ourselves from a Christian position of empathy, understanding and respect. I encourage you to do the same. Look beyond the surface & into the depths of the world around you. My intent is to bring my Christian beliefs and worldview into a lot of my artwork. God has & continues to carry me through the ups and downs in life. He is always faithful; His love never ends even with our imperfections! God is the creator of the heavens, earth, and all things in the heavens and on the earth-that includes you and me. Creation itself is the most incredible work of art ever made. God IS the greatest artist!

The uniqueness of original art is what is intrigues me in this journey. One of a kind, no copies or prints—just like each of us. We are one of a kind, there is no other ‘you’ on the planet!
Everyone should have at least one original piece of art in their home—one that is as unique as they are. My personal desire is to create original art at an affordable price so everyone can remember: you are fearfully and wonderfully made! Ps. 139:14 Just like each piece of art I make, one of a kind, each made for the purpose of drawing us to our Creator and thanking Him for His artistic handiwork!