Application for 2017 Fountain Hills Art League
Tour ‘d Artistes
March 3, 4, and 6, 2017


First and Last name _________________________________________________________________________


Mailing address ______________________________________________________________________________


Email address________________________________________________________________________________




Phone number________________________________________________________________________________




Arizona State Privilege Tax License Number______________________________________________


Fountain Hills Business License Number__________________________________________________


 Please initial that you agree to each item.

­­­________ I agree to show only my own original artwork.

________ I am a member of the Fountain Hills Art League.

________ I agree to attend Tour ‘d Artists meetings.  


Eligibility for Participation –

·          The tour committee reserves the right to reject any applicant.

·          All Host Artists must live in Fountain Hills and not in a gated community.

·          Requirement to receive the reduced $50 rate is due Oct. 3rd and active participation in one or more committee duties for the tour. If you choose not to participate on a committee, the fee is $100 due by Nov 7th.  You must meet all the deadlines.

·          Studios open from 10am-4pm each day of the tour. No take downs until 4pm Sunday.

·          Each studio is responsible for putting up and taking down the signs each day.

·          All signs and nametags will be provided and must be returned at the end of the tour.

·          Each studio is responsible for supplying the refreshments and music as you wish.


Entry fee is NON REFUNDABLE and must accompany application.  Tour Registration is not complete until this form is completely filled out, committee job is assigned, bio and photos for website are received.


Enclosed (  ) $50.00 Fountain Hills Art League Tour Fee and committee participation (only with application by Oct 3rd, 2016)    

(  ) Write your name on the back of this page by the appropriate tasks you are interested in working on.  We reserve the right to ask you to select another job if there are more people signing up for a task than needed.  There are over 40 small tasks so everyone needs to select at least 2

 (  ) $100.00 if you do not participate on a committee

(  ) $100 late fee if applying after October 3rd and before November 7th, 2016      

(  ) Yes, I want to host a studio at my house or workshop.

(  ) Yes, I want show at someone else’s studio. My preference ­­­_______________  


Please enclose your application & check payable to Fountain Hills Art League (FHAL) and send to:

Elaine Tarr, 16608 E. Trevino Dr.,     Fountain Hills, AZ 85268

Email your images and bio to Elaine Tarr at


SIGNATURE OF APPLICANT __________________________________________ Date________________

Studio Tour Jobs/Tasks web site Click here to down load the Tasks and Jobs Sign-Up