Feedback on 2017 Studio Tour



                Ease of use of online registration:      __   Poor       __ Good      __ Excellent

                Payment method:   Would you like to have the ability to pay online:    ___ Would use   ___Would NOT use

                Reduced Price for serving on a committee:   

                                ___ Prefer to not be on a committee and pay $100.         

                                ___ Prefer reduced price and willing to serve on a committee.

                Option to register late and pay the $100 registration fee:   

                                 __Like the option    __ Do not like the option   __Makes no difference to me


Getting the word out about the Tour:

Advertising is the biggest part of our Tour budget.   We would like your inputs on ways to get the word out effectively while keeping it a reasonable budget item.

What do you think are effective tools in promote the tour?

                ___Newspaper articles     ____yes         ____ no

                                                ___ I am willing to write articles and get them in the newspapers next year


                ___ Newspaper ads          ____yes         ____ no

                                                ___ I am willing to create the ads and get them in the newspapers next year


                ___ Lots of brochures to pass out         ____yes         ____ no

___ I am willing to create and get the brochures printed next year

___ I am willing to manage the distribution of the brochures next year


                ___ Press releases to local arts related publications     ____yes         ____ no

___ I am willing to write press releases and get them in the local arts related publications                  in the next year




We currently spend about $1000 to publicize the in the media and $400 for brochures. 

                                ___ I am fine with this amount being spent

                                ___ I suggest we do ______ (Give us your suggestions)


Sponsors for the Tour:

                ____ I agree we should continue to recruit sponsors

               ____ I do not like having sponsors.   If so, please give us some ideas how we could manage our budget.


                Suggest new sponsors for next year:

                I am willing to help with recruiting sponsors next year  ____Yes   ___ No

                ___ I am willing to contact ______________ to be a sponsor next year. 
                                                                (business name)                                                                                                                                                                                                                        



                Number of signs:    ____ our studio (# _____)  had enough signs.  

                                                      ____ our studio (# _____)  did Not have enough signs.   Next we need #____  signs

                Signage volunteers for next year:    I would be willing to help with signage next year ____Yes   ___ No

                Suggestions for signage next year_____



Getting tour participants together and having effective meetings is always a challenge… we are all very busy people!!

                Number of meetings:   ____ I was fine with the number of meetings this year and communicating via email

                                                            ____ I thought we needed more frequent meetings

                                                            ____ The tour information communication was sufficient

                Suggestions to improve communications:____


Tour Hours:

                Would you like to set a time aside for artists to visit other studios?     ____yes     ___no

                _____  Thursday evening with half of the studios open from 6:00 to 7:30 and the other half open from 7:30 to 9:00  - or the idea with a fine tuning of the times  

                _____  Friday morning half open at 9:00 and the other half open early on Saturday

                _____ Consider earlier hours on Saturday to catch the “Yard Sale” customers   ____yes    ___ no

                Suggestions relating to tour hours:


Next Year:

                I am interested in being in the tour next year.    ______yes            ____no


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