Jane Bradley, portrait painter, will be the May 6th meeting presentation.

Jane received her MFA at University of Utah in Painting and Computer Animation in 1991. The 12 years that followed were devoted to her work as a computer animator and eventually Art Director for major console and computer game companies. In 2004 she returned to portrait painting full time. Since 2004 she has done numerous shows and won many awards: CM Russel auction, The Scottsdale Salon of Art, Phippen Museum of Western Art Show and Sale, won "Best of Show" in 2006 for "Red Shoes" (picture), Portrait Artists of Arizona, 2017, Best of Show for "Professor Hip-Hop."  Jane will explain her process of creating paintings beginning with good photo material which she takes herself. Next she will describe what to her makes a good portrait photo and how she goes about taking it. Next she will describe her process with Photo Shop--taking the photo into Photo Shop, using various tools to refine ideas with cropping, background, - using layers and filters to try different backgrounds and work with different elements. Finally she will describe the actual painting process with examples of each sketching the painting, then each successive layer.